Indoor shoes for kindergarten

Every parent who puts a child in kindergarten is faced with the question: which shoes to choose for the child for indoor shoes? Some kindergartens do not require indoor shoes, but many already require them in a nursery group. As a rule, we have to decide quickly on the choice of footwear. High competition for kindergarten places does not allow to choose another kindergarten only based on the requirement of indoor footwear.
Children are very active in kindergarten. There is a lot running during the play. Jumping, braking, spinning, insofar as the acceleration of a child in a manger group can be called spinning. Regardless of the child’s age, they need very good, comfortable and high-quality booties. Booties that keep the baby’s feet firmly in place. So that they will not squeeze and be breathable. Booties that are soft but supportive. They should not restrict the child’s play or movement in any way.
When choosing a children’s shoe, one must take into account the length and width of the child’s foot and it would be good to know its height as well.
One of the conditions in kindergartens is that children’s shoes must not leave marks on the floor. The conditions also state that the child must get the shoes on and off the feet themselves.

Variants can be sandals, ballerinas, slingbacks, slippers. They are soft and allow the child’s foot to be in a natural position, but may not provide full support for the child’s foot. Let’s not forget that the floors where children play and run are usually full of toys (blocks, model cars, etc.). To do this, the child needs support both against twisting in the ankle area and against pain when stepping on sharp objects under the sole.

Unfortunately, there is no protection when walking barefoot.
The conditions and descriptions listed above are sure to meet the Bukubee Baby baby shoes, which have a selection of warm boots with such a furry content that the child can be taken home with from kindergarten in the current cold weather. Versions with soft and thin rubber sole and leather for use as indoor shoes.
With Bukubee Baby shoes, you can solve several problems at once. With them we protect our child’s feet against cold, warm, wet, sharp objects. There is a choice of outdoor shoes as well as indoor shoes.
Bukubee Baby baby shoes also meet all the requirements for barefoot shoes. Which allows the feet to function as they were created by nature, while protecting them from injury and cold.
The Bukubee Baby baby shoes quality and value is balanced. They are very high quality and beautiful. Are made of high-quality and long-lasting materials, which guarantees that the bootie stays healthy and usable for a long time. This allows them to be left for use by next children or sold with ease at the aftermarket.

Based on our experience and customer feedback, we guarantee that children really love them and want to wear them. In addition, they are very easy to put on thanks to their well-thought-out design. Find out more at

NB: In addition, the Bukubee Baby booties warehouse is located in Europe (Estonia), which ensures very fast delivery. In Estonia, the delivery time is usually three days. This also guarantees a quick return or exchange of the product if it is not suitable.
Bukubee Baby booties are the most comfortable shoes your child has ever worn.

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