Cookie Policy

The online store OÜ) uses cookies. Without the consent of the online store visitor, we only store cookies that are necessary for the operation of the website.

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on a visitor’s device (eg computer, mobile phone, tablet) when they visit the website. A cookie helps to identify the device of a website visitor, to improve the functionality of the website and the user experience.

Purpose of the use of cookies

The purpose of cookies is to ensure a better user experience on the website and their use is a common practice. We use cookies to analyze the total number of visitors to the website, the duration of the visit and the pages visited, as well as the browser, device, operating system, etc. used by the visitor. This allows us to analyze online store visits and customize visitor preferences, as well as enable marketing activities.

The cookies we use help:                      

  1. support the performance of the website;
  2. remember customer login details;
  3. store the contents of the customer’s shopping cart registered for a certain period of time;
  4. ensure secure login and payment solutions;
  5. measure website traffic and page activity;

Different types of cookies

We use technical cookies for the purpose of ensuring the proper functioning of the website, they cannot be waived.

We use functional cookies to improve the functionality of the website, they cannot be waived.

We use analytical cookies for the purpose of getting to know the visitors of the online store anonymously and thereby improving the user experience of the online store, it is not possible to give them up.

We use advertising cookies for marketing purposes to display advertisements that match the interests and preferences of the online store visitor.

The online store uses the following cookies:

  1. Cookies required for the operation of the website: wp_woocommerce_session_ *, wp-settings- *, wordpress_test_cookie. Logged in user additionally wordpress_logged_in_ *, wordpress_sec_ *, wfwaf-authcookie- *.

Description: The goal is to differentiate visitors, their chosen preferences, and keep them signed in. The information to be processed is the visitor’s user ID.

Expiration date: Login cookies expire when you close your browser; wp_woocommerce_session_ * expires in 2 hours; wp-settings- * expire within a year.

These cookies do not pass information to third parties;

  1. Analytical Cookies: Google Analytics.
    Google Analytics uses a number of cookies with the possible names _ga, _gat_UA-36875714-1, _gid.

    Description: The purpose of cookies is to collect statistics about how a user uses the website.

    Learn more: The information processed is the user’s unique ID, but the data collected is anonymous.

    Expiry date: The shelf life varies from a few days to a few years. These cookies are used to transmit data to Google.

Cookie management

The customer can always change their cookie preferences and withdraw their consent to the use of cookies in their web browser. Cookies required for the operation of the site cannot be waived.

Manage cookies for common browsers:

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