Why do baby shoes need to be comfortable?

The choice of shoes, especially for your baby, is really an important choice, considering that your little one is in the growth phase. When your little baby starts to stand on his own, you need to protect his feet with suitable shoes. It is often not understood how important this is for the well-being of the whole body. Comfortable and high-quality footwear is a source of well-being for the back, legs and feet.

How to choose baby shoes?

For the first steps, it is essential to buy a pair of shoes with the right sole, suitable for very delicate toes and not too low: according to pediatricians, too low a sole burdens the spine, giving the whole body the wrong posture and so the baby may not even have the necessary stability.

When choosing shoes for your baby, your attention should be especially high. His bones are still developing and poor posture can cause serious problems for his physical development at this stage. Did you know that even headaches can be caused by poor posture or poor body balance? That is why it is extremely important to choose the right type of shoes.

What are the most comfortable shoes?

The main features that shoes have to meet, and especially for babies, are comfort, flexibility and lightness. When you are buying and trying new shoes for your baby, watch her posture and how she supports her legs and knees to see if her posture is right.

The height of the shoe must be such that the ankle can remain free during movements. In summer, looser shoes are also suitable, but until the age of 2, it is good to use shoes that are closed both at the front and back to protect the toes and heel. This is to avoid tripping and other problems while learning to walk.

First of all, the baby’s first shoes must be of a suitable size, with a wide toe part and flexible, with higher heels and stiffer reinforcements, as this will ensure greater stability and safety for the child when he takes his first steps.

Materials and size

The most suitable and recommended materials are soft leather materials. Beware of shoes with too cheap prices, because the right price is almost always synonymous with quality shoes. This way, stinky insoles will not be a problem, because the right materials allow the shoe to breathe, and thanks to the soft material, they do not cause pain to the toes or nails. In addition, you should always choose the right size shoe, and never bigger, as this will allow for better walking and safe physical well-being of the foot.

We would also like to mention that shoes must be flexible and remember that it is not worth buying used shoes or even shoes already used by a brother. During the first years of life, the baby’s leg grows in a strictly personal way, and the functionality of the walk and support may be impaired by the legform of the previous wearer.

Baby shoes: how to measure foot size?

Please note that baby shoes must not be too “right” or too wide! If, on the one hand, perhaps for fear of losing them while walking, we want to buy shoes close to our feet, then on the other hand, shoes that are too small are also harmful to growth.

But how to measure the baby’s foot correctly? Just put your tiny barefoot on a white sheet of paper and draw the outline of the foot, then make a line that extends from the heel to the big toe and add one centimeter: that’s all, so you get the exact foot size!

In conclusion, keep in mind that the first shoes we choose for a baby who is learning to walk must be flexible but with reinforced heels. Comfortable shoes are extremely important for babies, as their growing body depends largely on their posture while walking. All this also contributes to stability and balance, in the right shoes the child feels more confident and his new shoes help him in his first steps!

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