Shoes for a baby who is not yet walking


Does a non-walking baby still need shoes?

There is a widespread perception that if a baby is not walking yet, he or she will not need shoes. Baby shoes help keep babies’ feet warm in winter and also provide security against possible external physical influences. Physical influences can be falling objects, branches, rocks flying from under the wheels of a car. Or if we’re trying to hold a baby who is not yet walking, so that he can take his first step. Then the baby´s, still soft foot, can go into the wrong position, the toes slip upside down, or step on something sharp. Slippery slippers and booties may not prevent the dangers listed above. But Bukubee Baby leather baby shoes keep the baby’s foot firmly in the right position and safe from external influences. The baby’s foot is perfectly supported in them, taking into account the specifics of each baby’s foot. In these booties, the baby’s foot is in its natural position and there is no harmful pressure. In addition, they are very warm in winter when in a stroller or on your lap.

The Bukubee Baby size range has also very small sizes, with a soft sole and suitable for a baby who is not yet walking. In addition, there is a selection of warm booties with fur insoles. These baby’s first shoes follow the natural shape of the baby’s foot and do not compress the toes. Be sure to wear the right size booties. Not too small, not too big. Wrong sizes can reduce the good properties of these booties. In addition, they perfectly meet the requirements of barefoot footwear. These baby shoes have a thin and soft sole that helps the baby take his first steps, keep his balance and feel the ground.

Bukubee Baby’s first shoes are very stylish and beautiful and designed to be comfortable to wear. Every baby is worth the beautiful slippers already when in a stroller or crawling in a room. In the future, it will be a great pleasure to look at baby pictures when Bukubee Baby’s very beautiful booties adorn the baby’s feet. And the photos will definitely make the baby happy in these comfortable booties.


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